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The stereotypical trial attorney is an outgoing perhaps even brash individual who thinks quickly on his feet and who can charm and cajole jurors and judges alike to see things his way, but who perhaps may not be at his best discussing the nuances of complex theories or proof or the precise details of substantive law. By contrast, the stereotypical appellate attorney is a bookish, scholarly creature who would much prefer perusing Black’s Law Dictionary or luxuriating in an esoteric article in Harvard Law Review to subjecting himself to the vagaries of a trial judge who may not have had a good night’s sleep.

Contrary to these stereotypes, Dr. Belcher feels equally comfortable before a jury or an appellate panel. Dr. Belcher believes that his background as a trial attorney gives him a major advantage in understanding how to formulate issues for appellate review and that his experience in academics and in making highly structured appellate arguments based upon a careful reading of statutes and case law is invaluable to him as a trial attorney.

In addition to undertaking appeals of cases in which he has acted as trial counsel, Dr. Belcher welcomes referrals from other attorneys of cases warranting appeal. Dr. Belcher is also available for consultation with attorneys who wish to obtain a second opinion on appellate strategy or assistance complying with appellate formalities.


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