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As with most of Dr. Belcher’s practice areas, Dr. Belcher’s ability to offer effective legal support to small business derives from his prosecutorial experience. While working for the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, both in his role reviewing tax cases for prosecution and in his role actually prosecuting criminal tax cases, Dr. Belcher was called upon to familiarize himself with the vocabulary and the business practices and procedures of every kind of business imaginable, from massage parlors in Tennessee to nuclear power plants in Georgia, from savings and loans institutions in Texas to tax shelter sales in North Carolina. Based upon this broad practical experience, Dr. Belcher developed the ability to see what makes a small business tick.

To this background, Dr. Belcher adds the multi-faceted skills that he has developed while in private practice to handle many of the sorts of legal problems that small businesses confront on a daily basis: Contract review and preparation; commercial litigation, both as plaintiff’s counsel and as defense counsel; employment law; personal injury claims; and other common legal problems that few solo practitioners or even small law firms have the resources to solve without outside assistance. In the critical area of contracts, which is the heart of any business enterprise, Dr. Belcher brings the perspective of a litigator who has litigated a broad range of contract issues, both before trial courts and on appeal, including issues arising in connection with real estate sales agreements, plea agreements in criminal cases, and separation agreements in family law cases.


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