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When beginning his career as a defense attorney, Dr. Belcher served for several years on the Criminal Justice Act panel for the District of Columbia, representing criminal defendants on misdemeanor and felony charges in Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Dr. Belcher now regularly represents state-level criminal defendants, largely in the State of Maryland, on a wide variety of criminal offenses, ranging from murder and other violent offenses, controlled dangerous substance charges, and robbery to misdemeanor assault and serious traffic offenses, including DWI and DUI. Dr. Belcher has also represented a number of juveniles charged with acts of delinquency. Belcher appears mostly in the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland. However, Dr. Belcher has also appeared in criminal or juvenile cases in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert County, Charles County, Montgomery County, and Harford County.


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