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Like the majority of honest family law practitioners, Dr. Belcher believes that family law disputes almost always should be resolved amicably with as little litigation as possible. Dr. Belcher has enjoyed success with this approach, thus saving his clients thousands of dollars and, more importantly, the stress of dragging out very painful personal conflicts for months and even years. However, sometimes opposing parties make unrealistic demands, and sometimes opposing counsel goad their clients to engage in unnecessary litigation, either because opposing counsel does not understand how the courts are likely to view a case or because opposing counsel is more interested in “winning” than in obtaining a fair and just result. Under such circumstances, Dr. Belcher will use the trial skills that he developed during ten years litigating very demanding criminal cases at a national level while with the Department of Justice, plus more than twelve years litigating family law cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia, to represent his clients zealously in contested hearings.

Dr. Belcher does not encourage family law litigation undertaken primarily for the purpose of retaliating against or punishing a spouse or former lover, and he does not knowingly violate the Rules of Professional Conduct through engaging in dishonest or harassing conduct towards opposing parties in family law cases. However, he does aggressively represent the interests of his family law clients within the bounds of the law.


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