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Dr. Belcher makes no attempt to compete with the large-volume personal injury firms that advertise heavily for any and all injured claimants. However, once Dr. Belcher accepts a case, as long as his client is candid and cooperative, Dr. Belcher does everything in his power to obtain a maximum settlement for his client without regard to the time required and, if no fair settlement can be reached, to win a case in court.

For those cases that must be tried, Dr. Belcher always goes into court confident that he will win every case. This confidence flows from Dr. Belcher’s background litigating cases for the Department of Justice, often against the best-known defense attorney in a particular geographical area. Most experienced trial attorneys would agree that the “secret” to winning a case at trial is working hard to prepare every aspect of the case from pre-trial motions and jury selection to closing arguments and jury instructions.

Where merited by a particular case, Dr. Belcher does not shy away from developing new theories of tort recovery based upon a logical extension of existing law. However, Dr. Belcher does not file “junk lawsuits.” Notwithstanding the allegations of some politicians and editorial polemicists who blame trial attorneys for all the ills of mankind, lawyers have no financial motive to bring “junk lawsuits,” meaning lawsuits lacking any foundation in law or fact, since such lawsuits rarely produce any income for trial lawyers or their clients.


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