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Since his entry into private practice, Dr. Belcher has represented clients in a wide variety of tort cases for the purpose of attempting to negotiate settlements with insurance companies, representing clients in lawsuits in state and federal court, and, where necessary, challenging a trial court judgement on appeal.

In addition to standard automotive torts, some involving tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and permanent injuries, Dr. Belcher has also represented clients in unusual tort cases such as the case of a supermarket freezer that administered a severe shock to a teenage girl who was trying to pick out some frozen dinners for her family, a bicycle accident caused by a “killer grate” in the City of Baltimore, and the failure of a large apartment management company to install safe fire extinguishers in an Oxon Hill apartment building thereby resulting in a fire that gutted a client’s apartment and killed her beloved cats.

While these cases all were based upon a theory of negligence, Dr. Belcher has also represented plaintiffs in a number of intentional tort cases involving such causes of action as defamation, malicious prosecution, and civil assault and battery.


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